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The indescribable gifts

The indescribable gifts

And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you. 15 Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! (2 Cor 9:14).

The apostle commended the Corinthian Christians for their generous financial contribution sent to the Church in Jerusalem. The Gentiles were sending financial aid to the Jews. (The Church is one body in which all forms of prejudices are broken down). In his commendation the apostle mentions God’s grace given to the Christians, which He describes as an “indescribable gift.” That’s powerful!

Reflecting on another gift of God to us and particularly in this season when we are reminded of the birth of Christ (remember Christmas is not the birthday of Christ, but a commemoration of the birth of Christ), I see another of God’s indescribable gift, Jesus our Savior. We cannot thank God enough for this truly indescribable gift, neither can we thank Jesus enough for His indescribable to us, His very life. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Let us pray,

“Our Father in heaven, we praise and adore you for the indescribable gifts you give to us. You Father give us your all-sufficient grace which sustains us; You give us Your only-begotten Son, Jesus the Christ; You give us your word, which enlightens our minds and show us the ways of life that we are to take; You give us a spiritual family so we can offer service to you by serving our communities. These are but a few of the many indescribable gifts you have given us, Thank you Father and may we praise and serve you for all eternity. We are also mindful Father of the indescribable gifts given to us by Your Son Jesus Christ, and so we thank you Father for Him.

Lord Jesus we bow our knees before you in Thanksgiving for the indescribable gifts You give to us. We thank You Lord for the gift of eternal life; We thank you Lord for giving to us your life, sacrificed on that cruel cross of Calvary; We thank You Lord for your blood which was poured out at Calvary for the cleansing of our sins; We thank you Lord for Your Church in which we have eternal security; We thank you Lord for giving us all things that “pertain to life and godliness;” We thank you Lord for the other numerous indescribable gifts we enjoy because you love us with an indescribable love. Praise be to your glorious name Lord and may we serve you for all eternity.

We close Father and Lord Jesus with a special request for our brothers and sisters who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones; we pray also for our brothers and sisters who are ailing with back back-troubles and spinal disorders, we pray Father for their healing and comfort especially in this special season of good-will. Father it is in the name of Your Son and our Lord Jesus that we offer our praise and make our requests. May your name be glorified in our lives, Amen.”

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