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Everything will be all right!

Everything will be all right!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” (Rom 8:28-29).

Comfort! Take comfort in the thought that God Almighty guarantees that your future is secure. God is at work in our lives, on our case, in our congregation, with our plans, aspirations and dreams. He assures us, the outcome of our future will be good. I know it doesn’t look that now, but God is outside of now! He lays the path for our far away tomorrows and says it will be good. Let us accept and believe God, trust in Him and commit our future to His care. He called us and we answered that call, were washed in the blood of our Lord Jesus and born again into the divine family. Our future can have no other outcome than good, we are in the family of God. Let us pray, “Most holy Father in heaven, teach us to trust you and to rely on you. We thank you Father for the word of comfort and eternal security you left us, your word guarantees a good outcome for our future. Until we get there Father our faith and belief in you is weak and limited, hence doubts and fears creep into our thoughts and lives. Father we pray that you banish these fears and doubts from us and help us to grow and develop our reliance and trust in You. Your love for us cannot be questioned and we know that; we love you in return Father and wish that our love for you may increase day by day. Give us strength and courage Father and help us to engage our community with your word and love. Father we pray that your grace continue with us and may we extend that grace to our brothers and sisters and neighbors. Please hear our prayer as it is in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus that we send it you. Amen.”

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